Hypnosis for Weight Loss - Sleeping and relaxing

The Easy Way To Lose Weight With Hypnosis
'I never dreamed it would be so easy' …

How hypnosis can help you lose weight in 7 concrete steps … and all can be done sleeping.

(1) From the first sessions, you feel a sense of comfort, and alienation towards the problem

(2) Your relaxation is growing, and it gets faster every time

(3) Your state of internal calmness is regular, release your attention to the problem, to focus on new directions.

(4) This distances "sense of crisis", live emotions, and values of more personal control over your life

(5) At each listening, your brain learns how to better use the conscious strategies that you offer, and automate them

(6) The unconscious part of your brain being very active in sleep phase, the tracks of new solutions will be also explored when you sleep

(7) This technique of personal control, distances uncomfortable behaviors.

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and focused concentration.
Hypnosis to lose weight consist in techniques designed to enhance concentration, and heighten responsiveness to suggestions to alter one's thoughts, feelings, behavior, or physiological state.
This state similar to daydreaming, get you into that state of focused attention, and gives you the opportunity to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Why communicate with subconscious mind to lose weight ?
because your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and holds the keys of all your internal process.
… store every sign, sensory stimulation from your birth to now … like a huge memory bank
… control all habits, all automatic thought patterns, all believing ...
… manage health and function of every organ, of every cell in your body

Help by your subconscious mind, your only limitation is what you can imagine.!
Now, if you want the subconscious mind to work for you, give it the right request, and obtain its cooperation.

You probably practice, like many people, self-hypnosis... without knowing!

When and how do you already practice self-hypnosis?

During the day, when you are "daydreaming" or just before falling asleep and when you unfold a kind of internal dialogue.

It is self-hypnosis!
But this practice of self-hypnosis that you don't control, can be at the origin of an internal conflict.

Very often, spontaneous self-hypnosis in which the internal dialogue consists of reproaches, of auto critics, of disturbing thoughts... starts has install, then develop an internal process of "blocking" or "focus on the problem" with a lot of efficiency

misusing self hypnosis could reinforce a situation of low self-confidence, by giving a lot of importance to the desires that you feel, and that you're struggling contain. By amplifying the value of small temporary weaknesses which alter your motivation.
By increasing the level of personal requirements, opposing yourself, by setting an unattainable goal in a short schedule.
Learn more info. check out here:

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