Workers union plans practical projects

Workers union plans practical projects

Jiading District Workers Union plans to introduce 15 practical projects serving employees, including training for 38,000 of them, according to a recent meeting of the district workers union.To get more Jiading District news, you can visit shine news official website.

The 15 projects cover the construction of mini-libraries and health checks for employees, and even making friends among singles. Ten demonstration book houses and 20 self-service book houses will be set up across the district, especially in areas mainly inhabited by migrant workers.

Reforms should be deepened on the works of workers union comprehensively in order to push forward progress and set up a team of qualified grassroots officials at the same time, Zhou Jinlin, deputy Party Secretary of Jiading District, said at the meeting.

Wang Jianxin, chairman of Jiading District Workers Union, delivered a work report on the workers union. Wang is also the deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jiading People’s Congress.

Top executives of three private companies, including Volvo Group, outline details of their workers union reforms at the meeting. A total of 150 people attended the meeting chaired by Jin Weirong, standing vice chairman of Jiading District Workers Union.A man was arrested after he allegedly threw away a cigarette butt while attempting to steal an electric bicycle and caused a fire which killed one person, prosecutors in Jiading District said on Tuesday.

Three other residents in the building in Jiading were also injured in the fire.

Jiading District People's Procuratorate said that at dawn on December 19 last year, the suspect surnamed Nie sneaked into the building and tried to steal an e-bike. However, all the bikes were locked and he stole nothing. Nie then sat on the stair and smoked, discarding the butts in the corridor.

A fire soon broke out. Four residents were burned in the fire and one died in hospital from his injuries.

Nie was captured by police the next day and confessed. Noticing that the fire was in the building, he guessed that it might be his cigarette butts that had caused it. He said he had never imagined that there were casualties.

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