“Why don’t you get off your ass?” I yelled. “Go outside fifa 15 coins pc and work out! You’re a bum! You’re a BUM!”

If my scolding didn’t get through to him, I figured Jay would take one look at me, see the benefits of all of my hard work and dedication and just be shamed right off that couch. He wasn’t. So I kept harassing him. I kept challenging him to do what I was doing—to invest the time and effort into making himself a bet- ter quarterback and a better athlete.

Finally Jay looked up at me and said, “You wanna race?” “Yeah, I’ll race you,” I said.

I assumed it would be no contest. I was a college quarterback who was lifting, running and throwing three and four times a day. Jay was a high school kid who hadn’t been off that couch all summer. We would go once around the block in our neigh- borhood, which was a mile. We were neck-and-neck while jog- ging practically the whole way. Then as we approached the final two-tenths of a mile, up Old Saybrook Avenue, Jay just left me. He just disappeared like a shot and must have beaten me by 150 yards. I couldn’t believe it. When I finally caught up to him he was doing the Rocky Balboa thing in the driveway, running in circles with his arms in the air. I was crushed.

Jay knew I couldn’t throw a wet football fifa 15 coins xbox very well because I have small hands. His hands are big, and he can throw beautiful spirals whether the ball is wet or dry. So at times when it rained he’d go outside with my bag of balls, take them out and start wiping them in the wet grass. “Hey, Muscle Boy!” Jay would yell to me in the house. “Hey, Slappo! You want to come out and throw some footballs? You can’t, can you?” He wouldn’t let up. He would just kill me and I didn’t have much choice but to take it.

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