which implies the date, Kering LA cloud group Wholesale Ray Ban UK

Italy glasses manufacturers Safilo (SFL. MI) Group SpA two update Safilo group and LVMH Mo Hennessy Louis Vuitton e t SE (MC. PA) - MOET along with CHANDON - Hennessy CHRISTIAN DIOR group licensing, Mediobanca Banco di Credito Cheap Ray Ban Sale Finanziario neighborhood investment bank SpA (MB. MI) released a report identified as LVMH SE or LA Kering KER. PA (learning competitors Open Cloud) cups business group will be reverted to the self.
In 2014, Gucci announced Gucci by Safilo Wholesale Ray Bans Sunglasses Group SpA Safilo group in the hands connected with early recovery glasses business, both parties authorized cooperation from end of the year a couple of years ahead of the formal end connected with January 2017 1, which implies the date, Kering LA cloud group Wholesale Ray Ban UK
will buy and sell independently of Gucci Gucci glasses business. To this stop, Kering SA cloud set set up glasses Department, along with the appointment of Safilo Set SpA Safilo group leader Kering Eyewear CEO Kering Eyewear, the management connected with Kering Eyewear holdings, very similar to a business department.
Because the Kering SA cloud group in the luxury goods industry status of special importance, Gucci and Gucci for a few separate glasses Cheap Ray Ban Glasses business $100 million luxury brands, so the industry announced Ray Bans UK at Gucci Gucci and Safilo Group SpA Safilo group when they part company each going his own way which is perhaps the future of luxury goods group forecast trend.
After a lapse with two years, Ray Ban On Sale MediobancaSpA once again towards luxury goods group sunglasses business topic back to the main target of the industry.
Gucci patio advertising Gucci glasses
Keep away from 12th, Safilo Group Club Safilo group announced which the agency agreement with the H line glasses brand could terminate Fake Ray Bans
on December thirty-one, 2017. C line Safilo Group SpA brand company accounted for 3% from the income of Safilo team, according to the network data tend to be Chinese, Italy glasses team in fiscal year 2015 revenues of 1 billion 279 million euros, which means that the actual C line brand eyeglasses business annual revenue of approximately 38 million euro. Simultaneously, Italy glasses giant

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