What's new on FIFA 20? Dribbling, outside-the-box shooting & 10 changes to FIFA 19

Fans of the game can expect some notable differences from last year, including a slower pace, more one-on-ones and significant set-piece adaptations
fifa 20 ut coins is just a couple of months away from release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but what has changed compared to FIFA 19?
Goal spoke to FIFA producer Sam Rivera at a preview event in Germany and he outlined 10 notable differences on FIFA 20 compared to last year's game.
However, to do this he and his team recognise that players need time to make these decisions and, to help with that, the power of AI defending has been reduced, meaning there’s less chance of the AI crowding you out before you can make your mind up on where you want to go next.
Better get practicing those skill moves as, with more one-on-ones, players will need more tricks up their sleeves to beat the player in front of them and one of the best ways to do so is skill moves.
While fake shots and the new straight dribbling mechanic play their part, everyone knows that skill moves are the most fun way to win a one-on-one.
Also, with the introduction of the Volta street football mode in FIFA 20, players will have more chances to practise their favourite flicks and tricks.
Rivera commented that it’s still possible to notice the difference between FIFA 19 and real life, and that this was mostly down to the gameplay being too hectic as players keep changing their mind on where they want to run and, when they do, they can go crashing into other players.
One way that is changing for FIFA 20 is through changes to the positioning and locomotion system which results in players making smarter decisions about where they’re going and why, resulting in a more natural motion as they're not constantly changing their mind on the best route to take.want know more fut coins news Read More

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