USA KINO already released the new version of their A3 type surface tension meter

January 26, 2014-USA- Last year, USA KINO comprehensive upgrade the original A3-type interfacial tensiometer by their unique science and technology. This new upgraded device has been added the installation of the latest high-precision optical platform and micro weighing scales, which replaced the original torsion wire balancer. Thus, this upgrading has already achieved the high performance of this kind of instrument on the basis of ensuring low-cost.

A3-type surface tension meter from USA KINO ( ) is one type of entry-level surface tension device. This is also the manual type of teaching instruments. It is the high precision instrument and easy to be operated. Through the direct digital display of measured values by the LED display panel, this kind of device can be widely used for rapid detection, quality control, chemical, paint and other industries which need to test the surface and interfacial tension values.

The applications of the A3-type contact angle meter could be various. First, it could be used for teaching experiment which is to displaying of the platinum plate and platinum ring testing theory. Second, it could be applied into the area of quality control for products such as s paints, coatings, inks, ink, transformer oil, insulating oil and textiles industry. Thirdly, it could be used into the surfactant activity analysis, concentration analysis and wettability analysis.

Furthermore, there are also many technical features of the A3-type surface tension meter

It is the classic type of the surface tension meter which is also the world 's first application of the principle of platinum plate method in the manually type surface tension meter

The cost effective of this product cost is very high and the price advantage is very large. On the other hand, the test performance of this product is very high.

The measured value is simple to be operated and it can simply use the simply method of standard weights to fast achieve the scale calibration.

This device applies the principle of third-generation platinum plate method, which could automatically correct buoyancy value and the contact angle values so as to achieve the strong guarantee to measured values

This device could be run independently without connecting to a computer.

After here, people should already get fully understanding about the A3-surface tension meter from website which is the best USA supplier for all kinds of surface tension measurement, contact angle meter and other kinds of industrial and experimental devices. If people want to order these high tech devices, please do not hesitate to contact with the customer service of their official website.


USA KINO is the supplier of surface tension meter, interfacial tensiometry, contact angle goniometer and contact angle measurement instrument, contact angle meter, drop shape analysis system. They can be used for measurement of surface tension and contact angle.

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