ultraviolet rays in the winter, not everyone is good for it.

On summer, the sun is gleaming, more and more intense ultraviolet uv rays, with sunscreen and beautiful Sunglasses has become many householder's choice. Recently, the news reporter visited some of the Xuchang optical shop, found that many optical shops have sunglasses inside the most prominent position, and a a comprehensive portfolio of products, prices vary tremendously. The personage inside training suggests, the citizen must be careful when buying, must pick the sunglasses that suits one self eye condition to undertake using. In Xuchang, an optical shop, the reporter saw a wide range of sunglasses placed on the door of the most eye-catching placement, there are many customers are picked out, try to wear. Sales office staff told reporters Dcape Ray Bans that the annually 5 and June is regarded as the popular Sunglasses sales year or so. Especially in recent days, the main temperature has been rising, potential customers came to buy Sunglasses critically increased. In the interview, the main reporter found that the men and women that came to buy Sunglasses for the most part focus on the color of spectacles, the degree of collocation of versions and facial features, still rarely pay attention to the anti ULTRA-VIOLET ability of sunglasses. Trendy colors, unique style, numerous wearing sunglasses on the face, might play the role of decoration, but also having on sunglasses and improper line, will cause damage to the eye lids. Although sunglasses can be productive against ultraviolet rays in the winter, not everyone is good for it. Ophthalmology experts reminded the public, subsequently after wearing sunglasses, entering stands out as the of visible light is usually reduced, the pupil will naturally open, for a long time, easy to generate acute angle closure glaucoma, there is redness, pain from the eyes, a sharp decline throughout vision and other symptoms, specially in patients with glaucoma ought not to wear sunglasses. At the same time, blindness, night blindness patients are definitely not suitable to wear sunglasses, increase the eye disease. At the same time, a number of parents like to buy Shades for their children. Experts advise that children, especially those underneath six, should not wear shades. Because they are at the critical level of visual development, far more bright light and clear materials are needed to stimulate aesthetic development. Wearing sunglasses prematurily . can affect the development of vision, which will lead to amblyopia.

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