Top 3 Android Strategy Games that Require Players be Smart to Win the Battle

Is it exciting to play tactical games? Let’s try Top 3 Android strategy games require players smart enough to win the battle.

So far, the titles in the tactics category have always been "fertile ground" for game makers to exploit. It is not for no reason that strategy games still have a place in the online game market today.

The strategy game brings excitement, passion, and challenges to gamers. They are willing to spend hours to play and find the feeling of winning after many defeats because tactics are not good.

Therefore, we want to recommend you the list of Top 3 Android strategy games that require players to be smart enough to win the battle.

So here we go to explore them. They are Prismata, Battletech, and Total War: Arena.





It is an exciting strategy online game combined with cards. Prismata is set in the world hundreds of years in the future, and people have a lot of new technology and have built a new civilization on the remote

Beacon without sunset.

However, on the other side of the world - where darkness reigns -  there are mystical beings with a machine body and special intelligence that cause conflict with humans.

The task is to collect all kinds of resources, build up workers, and develop science to create a powerful robot army, protecting human civilization against the mystical powers from the dark world.

Prismata's gameplay is a unique combination of cards and tactics with turn-based strategy. Also, gamers must make smart decisions when moving, coordinating terrain as in real-time strategy games!

Basically, Prismata's features are relatively easy to learn, but gamers have to train a lot to build complete cards of high strength to counter the onslaught of enemies targeting their main base.
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Battletech is a futuristic online war game with all kinds of robots. It is a turn-based strategy game with a top-down view, featuring a battle between the robotic armies of the fictional Battletech Universe in 3025.

The player will play a mercenary commander, receiving contracts from the House to develop and expand the size of its legions.

By the time of 3025, the universe was trapped in class battles, and people used robots as well as machines called BattleMechs.

Players need to protect their main base, control all types of infantry troops to fly back to attack the enemy or perform the assigned tasks.

On the Battletech battlefield, players can control up to 30 BattleMechs with different fighting skills.

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Total War: Arena



Total War: Arena

Total War: Arena is an exclusive online game that has a strange combination of gameplay between RTS tactics and MOBA with the exciting medieval world. The new online game will retain the essence of the

famous traditional game, Total War.

In Total War: Arena, gamers will be participating in the majestic battle of 10 vs 10. You need to know how to team up with teammates to find the right tactics, defeat the enemy to win.

Interestingly, the combination will be between multiple armies rather than just a few heroes as most other MOBA games on the market.

In short, which one you choose to play?

Now, you can know clearly about the top 3 Android strategy games require players smart enough to win the battle. You must have good tactics to participate in these game. 

Are you ready to download and play them right now?

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