This may be the case depending on the steroids consumed

This may be the case depending on the steroids consumed daily to reduce the effect of the medication? I would like an answer from someone who was not sure what to say, and it is possible if it is on the Internet where you can let me explain something about my comment also thanks. I ask the opinion of a specialist or to answer some questions from this round a lot about young people and adults who suffer from ADHD. Thanks in advance to anyone enlighten me this is the big question. Greeting

Hello, I wanted to comment on what he thinks and feels taking Ritalin, he was diagnosed as suffering from ADHD first question two Geniux months, I began with a small dose, and reached the 100mg, I feel it helps me the truth, but not steroids and other drugs ADHD's for, but everything you I had read about this drug walks afraid, and people who commit suicide to kill children in the family. 

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