There’s a real skill to assembling the castell, with operations directed by the cap de colla

St John’s Day (June 24) is the quietest saint’s day of cheap fifa 15 coins the year in the city – largely because everyone has been up all of the previous night for the famed Nit del Foc (Night of Fire), which involves massive bonfires and fireworks across the city. It marks a hedonistic welcome to summer, with cava (champagne) parties in full swing in every neighbourhood and pyrotechnics on Montjuïc and Tibidabo. The traditional place to end the night is on the beach, watching the sun come up, thankful that the dawning day is a public holiday.

The biggest annual festival, held around September 24, is dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, co-patroness of the city, whose image is paraded from the church of La Mercè near the port. It’s an excuse for a week of merrymaking, culminating in spectacular pyrotechnics along the seafront. Every unique element of a Catalan festival can be seen at some stage during the Mercè – firework-toting demons chasing onlookers through the streets, human castle-builders reaching for the sky, processions of lumbering giants, and locals linking hands in the traditional circle-dance, the sardana.There are outdoor concerts across the city, bicycle races, children’s events and family activities, and even free admission to city museums and galleries on the saint’s day.

Guaranteed to draw crowds at every festival are buy fifa 15 coins the teams of castellers – castle-makers – who pile person upon person, feet on shoulders, to see who can construct the highest, most aesthet- ically pleasing tower. It’s an art that goes back over 200 years, combining indi- vidual strength with mutual cooperation – perhaps this is why it was discouraged as an activity under Franco. Nowadays, it’s very popular once again, with soci- eties known as colles in most Catalan towns who come together to perform at annual festivals and events. There’s a real skill to assembling the castell, with operations directed by the cap de colla (society head) – the strongest members form the crowd at the base, known as the pinya, with the whole edifice topped by an agile child, the anxaneta, who lifts their palm above their head to “crown” the castle. Ten human storeys is the record.

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