The US Vaporizer Market Continues to Grow

The US Vaporizer Market Continues to Grow
When cheap vape deals first became popular a few years ago, many believed that it was nothing more than a short-term trend. Marketing experts saw vaping as a seasonal thing being made popular by youths, celebrities, and a strong marketing campaign. As we get closer to the end of 2016, however, it is more apparent that vaping is here to stay.Recent studies reveal that the US vaporizer market continues to grow. IBISWorld, a well-known research firm, predicted an increase to a whopping $13 billion by 2020. But what makes vaping and the vaporizer market so popular?Vaping has become a part of a lifestyle for many.
The health benefits offered by electronic cigarettes paired with the decreasing prices of high-end vaporizers and supporting products make vaping a widely accepted thing to do. People from different demographics are turning to electronic vaporizers for a number of reasons.There are lots of things about other people that annoy us. Those barely-there-shorts young women wear; when people argue in public, shooting their mouths off at each other very loudly in front of your kids; and how it seems most people can’t drive properly. These are the joys of living in a diverse live-and-let-live society. We only ban behaviors that result in actual harm to people.

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