The advantageously factors and features of the high quality contact angle meter from USA KINO

January 26, 2014-USA- Engineers from USA KINO are very proud of their high quality contact angle meter because their high quality devices have been widely accepted by most of their consumers. There are many advantageous points about the high end contact angle meter from . Today, the engineer from this USA supplier will describe with people the advantages of this device.

First, the contact angle meter from applies with the total opening structure, international pop design, compacted designing concept and large space saving. So, this type of device could largely meet with people¡¯s demand and give people enough convenience.

Second, this type of electrical device totally makes the use of computer multimedia technology, high quality optical system and CCD camera. The combination of these high end technologies could help people effectively let images of droplets clearly be displayed on the computer screen. On the other hand, the images could be stored in an instant for the next measurement, which could avoid measurement failure caused by liquid evaporating.

Thirdly, the special automatic rotating platform of the measure contact angle could help people facilitate the advancing angle and receding contact angle of this kind of device. This kind of function could largely let the measurement process become more and more convenient.

Fourth, this device could help people clearly measure the dynamic and static contact angle, dynamic changing of the contact angle and let people do the detailed analysis of the forward angle and back angle. This should let the measuring process of the contact angle become easier and easier.

Fifth, this kind of contact angle meter could be applied to estimate the solid surface tension and energy of the liquid droplet. Their testing principle should be the so called Owen two fluid methods which is very commonly in the liquid contact angle test.

Furthermore, this kind of contact angle meter could also applies a variety of other testing methods such as hanging drop method, sessile dropping method which is also so called intravenous method and the method of insertion. By the help of these methods, operator could easily make sure the contact angle value.

It also applies the method of calculating compensation for contact angle values which could largely meet with the high accurate of the final values.

Through the high end technology and technical factors, this device could easily help operator capture the video and image information of sample. After the process of capturing, the related computer could measure, save and print the related testing and captured information.

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USA KINO is the supplier of surface tension meter, interfacial tensiometry, contact angle goniometer and contact angle measurement instrument, contact angle meter, drop shape analysis system. They can be used for measurement of surface tension and contact angle.

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