The 10 Best Travel Towels to Buy for Your Next Trip

When you’re planning what to pack for your next trip to distant shores, it can be easy to forget the importance of the humble towel. Although most hotels will provide towels, some types of accommodation don’t and others don’t have high standards.Microfiber Towel uses

A travel towel will be your new best friend in these situations. Compact, absorbent, and a lifeline to comfort in gritty hostels and on deserted beaches, your travel towel will keep you warm and dry.Wherever you’re headed, travel towels offer a lightweight, quick-drying alternative to regular towels.

Flexible enough to fold up small, you can use your travel towel for everyday water adventures, cleaning up sticky messes, or as an impromptu pillow for cars, planes, trains, and even campsites.Travel towels are available in a variety of different fabrics. Each one is as practical as the next, but some are more desirable than others.

Not sure how to tell a good travel towel from a truly great one? Check out these different fabric options.Easy to come by and effortlessly practical, microfiber towels are absorbent, lightweight, and affordable.

Man-made microfiber can air dry very quickly while remaining breathable and soft to the touch. Microfiber towels are the most absorbent on the market and the quickest drying too!

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