specifications and other information, not to ever buy the inferior

When using the temperature rising, the swiftness of summer is getting more and closer to us, and also dazzling sunshine in the hot months makes many people like to be dressed in sunglasses. Reporter survey uncovered that the major shopping malls for adult sunglasses at the same time, revenues of children's sunglasses also are hot up. However , a number of parents don't know whether young people should wear sunglasses not really.
"I bought many units of sunglasses from the Internet for kids. The price is basically between 30th yuan and 60 yuan. It's fashionable for children to decorate. ". " After three months, "hot mom" Ray explained she bought sunglasses for youngsters mainly to match clothes, along with did not care whether it is bad for children. And for some people to shield the eyes of children, don and do not wear there are some troubles. Mr. Zhao said: "the child's eyes are not entirely developed, and Dcape Ray Bans
the sun is definitely dazzling in the summer. We want to order Sunglasses for our children preserve our eyes, but we tend to don't know which is suitable for young people to wear. ". " Afterwards, the reporter interviewed a lot of random selection of sunglasses for kids, the majority of the public to buy Spectacles for their children, are in run after fashion, rarely consider your own home child's eye injury. Together, the reporter found the fact that the current market sales of youngster's Sunglasses variety of styles, the amount difference is also great, cheap only needs more than twelve yuan, and the regular local mall in a pair of sunglasses fees are in the hundred dollars.
Your kids should wear sunglasses, the main reporter interviewed the experienced optometrist Li Xinmin, the person said, the child is not preferred to wear sunglasses, especially youngsters and children under 3 yrs old, because the child visual purpose of this stage is not still mature, long time wearing shades, will affect the development of aesthetic function. On the market of child Sunglasses price is a huge variation, the main difference in lens stuff, sunglasses mainly depends on typically the outlook, the lens is usually plastic, wearing the shades, not only is not good, and in many cases cause the child eyesight. Concurrently, Li Xinmin suggested that if you want to give the child to decorate sunglasses, be sure to buy the contact lenses with UV protection signs, along with check whether the production document, specifications and other information, not to ever buy the inferior sunglasses.

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