A new 2019 Sub-Ohm Tank Campion? After worrying that SMOK was slowing down its pipeline at the beginning of 2019, our fears have been quelled (somewhat) in the last few months, thanks to a steady flow of new, exciting products from the venerable vape giant. The latest? The massive, monstrous SMOK tfv16 sub-ohm tank.
Yeah, it’s big. Suffice it to say, it’s not really fair to call the TFV8 a “Beast” much longer. Boasting a gargantuan 32mm diameter, 9mL e-liquid capacity and new levels of airflow control, SMOK is poised to reclaim the sub-ohm throne – a seat it might have never actually lost in the first place, but all the same, consider the TFV16 a knockout punch attempt for the industry.

So, what about the TFV16 separates it from other SMOK tanks? At first glance, not much. I mean, other than the huge diameter, that is. The look and feel is distinctly “SMOK” and the TFV16 will sit alongside the rest of its lineup nicely, with the same levels of craftsmanship and quality we’ve come to expect from the company.

Where it differs most is in its latest line of coils, which now use the “plug and puff” format more companies are turning to, rather than the threaded, screw-in design. Though I’m not sure of the advantage from switching to this style, a million other vape companies can’t be wrong, so I’m confident there’s a definite use-case reason in play.

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