Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery: It Too Can Last Longer

Comparisons have always been common in any industry which does not have one company monopolizing almost every market across the globe. This has been a way for some to feature the specifications that they think are better than their competition, and sometimes, it is also the way for people to show their biased opinion of one brand over the others. It is not good, but sadly, it is the truth.
For centuries, comparisons have been one of the many ways people can express and expose to the public how one company is better than the other, or at times, why both of them are at par and should be given the same kind of recognition that the other already probably has.
Recently, the industry that has been using the compare and contrast card has been the electronic industry especially during this age because new devices are being released every year. They sometimes use it to show the differences that the latest model has to the older version. Other times, they use it to show why their product is better than the others.
In the case for Samsung, one of the leading giants in the electronic device world, particularly in the portable device section, one of their most recent products has been the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been compared to its counterpart back then which was the iPhone 4/4S. It was a heated debate which one was better.
One moot point might have been the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery because Apple has always claimed that it was always part of their plans to make their devices’ batteries last longer, and the design might have looked the same to that of the Samsung models.
This is where the confusion starts: Why does Apple think that they have the right to a battery that last longer than its previous version?
If nothing has changed over the years since the portable electronic devices have become increasingly popular, then it is a given that improvement is always about trying to look for ways to provide the public with better services, and for the electronic industry, it is all about the components and the parts that matter. Example, the improvement of the lifespan of the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery when compared to its previous model.
The second question is: Why is the battery a big deal?
Okay, it is a given that the display and how it handles basic operations and other applications is important, if you are after for the “social” aspect of the phone. However, if you are more of the practical type, then, the battery is a big deal. It gives you more time to use your phone reducing the frequency of charging because if you do it frequently, you are more likely to destroy your phone. That is why the battery is very important because you can do more for less. This is what attracts people, and if one gains the advantage over the other then, surely the one on the other end will surely lose the market.
Whether or not who came up with it is beyond the public. However, are not they just happy that they are earning more than those who buy their product ever will?
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