QuizRevolution EnrichesAddictive Digital Content Offers Innovative Crowdfunding Opportunity

Jerusalem, Israel– QuizRevolution has publicly launched their interactive and engaging online app platform with unique ways to enhance website content. They are offering enticing, educational, even addictive entertainment value for client web sites. With that, QuizRevolution offers a dynamic opportunity for investors to be part of one of the newest, most effective ways to enrich digital content.

Initially launched as a trial app on Facebook in 2013, QuizRevolution is designed for companies and individuals wanting to create a more meaningful, long-term and interactive relationship with consumers and visitors to their web pages.

“Not only are we providing a fun, entertaining component to your website or online objective, we are giving visitors a reason to engage with you at a higher level, to achieve a more memorable experience,” says Rich Brownstein, CEO. “Today, web surfers hop around, going from one website to the next – QuizRevolution offers an opportunity to deviate from that. With QuizRevolution embeds your web page sticky-time jumps from 30 seconds of actual face time to more than 10 minutes.”

The intuitive platform delivers a customizable, user-friendly and multidimensional quiz or survey interface that can be used for multiple purposes, such as: multimedia surveys, quizzes, data collection, tutorials, training, competitive games and any web content which can be organized as questions and answers. Additionally, QuizRevolution has made it easy to incorporate the quizzes into social media pages and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and such.

QuizRevolution has been trusted and supported by numerous household names since its inception. Quiz Apps have been launched by major companies and individuals, including, The History Channel, Wired Magazine, Vanity Fair Magazine, MTV, Monster, the Governor of Hawaii, University of Copenhagen, Rolling Stone Magazine, Warner Brothers, The Seattle Times and even Britney Spears. Also, thousands of bloggers, educators and businesses.

Most recently, the company has partnered with Wix, a major website developer with additional strategic partnerships on the horizon. Over the next 2 years, QuizRevolution aims to help users build and launch 10 million quizzes, surveys and apps chock-filled with their client’s online content. For more information, check out www.fundable.com/quizrevolution

About QuizRevolution

QuizRevolution (QR) is an Israeli-American company with a mission to powerfully and inexpensively enhance web user engagement. QR launched their “Addictive Interactivity API”, platform to leverage content via embedded apps; quizzes surveys and other app styles. 100 million apps have been served to-date to engage, increase stickiness, teach, collect data, train, market, and promote.  Visitors launch their own enhanced and unflattened content via the QuizRevolution wizards into the QR app platform for their own sales, marketing and other outreach campaigns.

For all media information contact:


October 29, 2014

David Goldberger

+972 (0) 54 2100112


WebStudiyo Productions LTD (corp name)

16-14 Spigelman, Netanya Israel 42758


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