Packaging machine manufacturer Schubert remains on growth course

Peter Gabriel, Commercial Managing Director of Gerhard Schubert GmbH, is very pleased: “We even slightly exceeded our minimum earnings target of seven per cent on total operating performance.” The company currently employs 936 people at its headquarters in Crailsheim. “In the current year, we are planning further growth to sales of 225 million euros,” Gabriel adds. The group of companies has also set itself new objectives: in 2019 it could even exceed the turnover mark of 300 million euros for the first time. Key factors behind the machine manufacturer’s steady upward trend are favourable developments in international markets and continuous investment in new technologies and innovative packaging solutions.high speed blister packing machine

Gabriel assesses the economic outlook for 2019 as positive. “We have a favourable volume of orders. Our range of unprocessed orders is within the target corridor of about six months.” After the first quarter, over 90 per cent of Schubert’s planned annual sales for 2019 are already in the order books. “The very positive development of incoming orders in North America and the renewed strength of Central Europe are also showing encouraging trends,” says Gabriel. The expansion of the service product range and the increase of service personnel also appear to be having a positive effect.

The subsidiaries also reported consistently positive commercial results. Schubert North America was extraordinarily successful with its headquarters in Charlotte as well as its service and sales offices in Dallas, Texas, and Toronto, Canada. At 77.7 million US dollars, sales in 2018 more than doubled compared to the previous year. Hartmut Siegel, Managing Director of Schubert North America since last year, sees the results as another driving force: “We’re on the right track and are winning more and more customers in the North American market with our highly flexible packaging solutions.” The high level of interest we experienced at the last PackExpo in Chicago – especially from companies in the food industry – promises ongoing positive developments in 2019.

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