New York City Charter Bus: Things To Do In NYC

New York City or simply NYC is a home to a plethora of many cool and fascinating sites and attractions in the United States. In fact, these sites and attractions are the common reasons why this city in the Eastern Coast is regularly visited by many people from different states and countries. And for your information, more than fifty million people swarm around the city each year as visitors and tourists. So if you are aiming for a tour in this city which is also called as The Big Apple, you can make it happen with the aid of a New York City Charter Bus.

Cool Reasons to Hire a Charter Bus

Hiring a charter bus is definitely the best way to tour NYC by land. According to the transportation and travel authorities of the state, a charter bus is touted as the safest way to travel especially by land. This is because this kind of vehicle is teeming with special characteristics that can assure every passenger’s safety, comfort and convenience during his trips. And when it comes to affordability, nothing beats the affordability of fare rates it offers.

Starting Your Tour Around the City of New York

Getting started with your tour is what a charter bus can promise you right from the beginning of your journey. With a charter bus as your group’s dedicated service, you will be able to head on to the different sites and attractions. Here are some of the best places in NYC where you can do cool and fun activities:

• Empire State Building. This is by far the tallest building in all of New York. It offers tours at its peak, allowing you to have a great view of the entire city down below.
• Statue of Liberty. Standing at the Island of Liberty, this statue represents one of the world-famous symbols of the United States of America. It’s actually a gif of France to the country to represent freedom and democracy.
• Times Square. This is a commercial intersection and neighborhood that’s located in Midtown Manhattan. It stretches its wide span from 42nd Street to 47th Street.
• Central Park. This is an urban park in the middle-upper Manhattan and it’s the most visited park in the country.

There are more great and cool places to see in NYC. Just hire a New York City Charter Bus and you are good to go anywhere in the city today!

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