New Technology of China Marine Electrical System

The ship building technology is improving day by day, which will make high requirement for high standards of marine electrical system. Marine Electrical System is one of most import system in the vessel, used for power supply, telecommunication and lightings, alarm system etc.

Marine Mooring System include marine cable, offshore cable, shore power cable, the cable is mainly used for power supply and telecommunication, the standard applied is IEC60092, JIS Marine Valve C3410, NEK606 and IEEE Standards. The minimum bending radius 8D for armoured cable and 6D for unarmoured cable(D: Cable Diameter), also the cable need to be take care to prevent damage to insulation or distortion during installation.

Except the marine cable, marine lighting fixtures also equipped with cables, we can classify the marine lighting fixtures as below:

Marine Navigation Signal Light
Marine Fluorescent Light
Incandescent Light
Sport Light Lights
Explosion-proof Light

Totally, there are about 900 types of lighting fixtures, the bulb also can supplied with lighting fixtures if required.

Marine Telecommunication System -----Marine Auto Telephone System, Marine Public Address System, Marine Batteryless Telephone system, General Emergency Alarm System, Fire Detection Alarm System, SG Alarm Indicator System, Emergency Main Engine Telegraph System, Marine Engineering Alarm System, Dead Man Alarm System, Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System, Broadcast & TV Antenna System.Hospital Call Alarm System, Refrigerator call system, Fog horn & Electric Horn Control System, Combustible Gas Alarm System, Marine Talk-Back System.

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