Mayweather vs. Pacquiao--Live Round-by-Round Results and Fight Highlights

Yearly Heavyweight Champion in 2015 Yearly, Super-Fight Mayweather vs Pacquiao held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,Judge Dave Moretti scored the fight 118-110 and judges Burt Clements and Glenn Feldman both had it 116-112. Mayweather won the Super-Fight, keep 48 combat career boxing record of wins.

This Super-Fight worth four hundred million US dollars, Mayweather’s in appearance fees is 180 million dollars, equivalent to C Luo + Messi + Woods 2014 whole the year. Pacquiao will also stand to gain more than $ 100 million.Nike Free Site attracted more than 16,800 spectators, many Hollywood stars have to the scene to help out, including Robert - De Niro, Denzel - Washington, Adrian - Brody, Christian - Bell, Bradley - Cooper, Mark - Wall Dennis, the couple Beyonce and JAY-Z Justin - Bibb, etc., Sports celebrities also appeared Mike - Mike Tyson, Michael - Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf couples, Evander Holyfield, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley - and so, the British rock star Sting also appeared in the auditorium.

After a series of links to finish, Both of them slowly admission in their choice of music. Beijing time 11:59, the game started! The first round Mayweather wingspan use of the advantages of ten centimeters, Keeping a distance with Manny Pacquiao, Pacquiao's flexible footsteps even no performance in the first round, The two sides spent smooth. The second round Pacquiao was almost tripped by Mayweather's legs during up on. Pacquiao tried to push Mayweather to rope angle repeatedly, but flexible escape by the latter. Race to 1 minute 25 seconds, Pacquiao's left hook hit finally played a certain free schweiz the third round Pacquiao swings left hand pushed Mayweather to the rope corner, Then a pass onslaught drew the shock, but Mayweather dodge in place, eat one punch at the most then avoid effectively.

The fourth round Pacquiao portfolio of more ferocious, And through striking the body form a tremendous pressure on Mayweather. Board 1 minute 20 seconds remaining, Pacquiao left straight hit it, then a succession of left and right straight blow, Mayweather can only protect face by hands, A little lax, few remember Pacquiao right hook immediately accurately marked, A little lax, Pacquiao few remember right hook accurately marked immediately,the council ended, the audience stood and applauded! The fifth round, Mayweather under the passive situation suddenly hit a left straight, but Pacquiao once a right straight back to a record, 1 minute 50 seconds Mayweather suddenly mighty counter-attack straight punch combos, Pacquiao some off guard, but he dodged Mayweather a deadly right strike. sixth round Pacquiao form a continuous attack again, Mayweather defense not forget provocative Pacquiao’s attack powerless.

Mayweather's father accused his son played  weaker at the top field. The seventh round Mayweather really strengthen the attack, a jab effectively hit when 2 minutes left. Round eight Pacquiao straight punches were hit several times, but the strength is not. Mayweather also hit a straight right-Pacquiao chin. Round 9 although Mayweather defense first, But back in the hit rate improve a lot,but Pacquiao still catch small neutral on continuous pursuit of "violence" strategy. Round 10 the two sides into a stalemate seems, I punch you in the two parties still punch, after the gong, Pacquiao confident smile full.

Nike free flyknit 5.0 The last two rounds begin! Mayweather seems to be proactive, His hooked begin power play, attached effective hit several times, but Mayweather fight Manny Pacquiao Chasingly. The first 12 rounds! Before the two broke a smile hug. Nothing remarkable change in this bout, Pacquiao continuous attack, Mayweather continued to play to the limit footwork to avoid, last ten seconds, Mayweather schematic of the field holding his right hand show that I win the game! End of the game, both were riding on rails, waving his hands around to celebrate their victory. Ultimate master of ceremonies announced the three judges are ruling Mayweather won the game!

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