The HB position in Madden is unique. The running backs you are and are not successful with really depends on your playstyle. There are power backs for the truck-stick masters, elusive backs better for stick-work specialists, and receiving backs that are almost like an extra WR out of the backfield. But to be considered a top-five rated HB in Madden, a player must be versatile, with a well-rounded skillset that separates them from the pack. And with Superstar X-Factors in Madden 20, there are a select few at the position that will rise to that challenge. So let’s get into the top-five rated running backs in madden nfl coins.

Todd Gurley is on another level when it comes to running backs, both in real life and in Madden. His elusiveness in the game supplies stick-work-specialists with versatility, whether running inside, outside, or going out for a pass. There are some concerns about a nagging knee injury that plagued him late last season, but we’re talking Madden 20 here, so that’s not a worry. Gurley is easily the best HB in the game, playing in one of the best offenses in the NFL, and he thrives on making opponents look silly.

Ezekiel Elliott is a special running back, and you could make a legitimate argument for Zeke over Gurley as the best HB in Madden 20. He logged over 1,400 rush yards last season and hauled in 77 receptions for good measure. That kind of versatility goes a long way when trying to keep opponents guessing. New life was breathed into the Cowboys offense last year after the mid-season acquisition of WR Amari Cooper, and Elliott will continue to reap those benefits going

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