Let’s Talk About Kitchen Countertops

Choosing kitchen countertops or countertops for your bath, laundry room, or home remodeling project requires an in-depth look at your needs and likes. There are so many beautiful countertop options and styles for you to see at our Long Island kitchen showroom. Each countertop material has distinct characteristics whether it be granite, marble, quartz/engineered stone, wood, stainless steel, copper, concrete, or glass. When you are remodeling, the countertops you choose will have a tremendous impact on the overall design of the room. You also want the countertops to be durable, easy to clean, stain resistant, and attractive. To help you make an educated choice about the right material for you, we have highlighted some key points you will want to consider about popular countertop materials.Kitchen Countertops Long Island
Granite kitchen countertops are still the most popular countertop choice in our market. It is the benchmark of what people expect to spend on a counter. Budgets start there, and then alternatives are looked at above or below the price of granite. It is very elegant, and the beauty of the stone is stunning with almost any cabinetry you choose. It is extremely durable and heat resistant. Granite is a natural stone that comes in a range of beautiful colors. An important consideration is that granite is a natural rock, variable by nature, and the color or pattern will NOT be consistent; therefore, there can be surface pits in the rock. Yet, this is what makes granite countertops so beautiful — every counter is like a work of art. You should seal granite once a year, and depending on edge design of the stone you select, know that edges may chip due to normal wear and tear around the sinks and dishwashers where heavy pots may hit the edges going in and out. Some stone is harder and may not chip at all.
Engineered Stone/Quartz Countertops are available in a dazzling range of colors and have a nonporous scratch-resistant surface. For those who love the look of granite but are concerned with its lack of consistency, Quartz is a very hard material and can give you a natural stone look with consistent color and texture throughout the quartz countertop. Each slab looks the same, which helps minimize the visible seams that you will get in granite countertop installations. Quartz is easy to maintain and doesn’t require the annual sealing required by natural stone.

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