We now offer a solution to annoying, blinking, breakable neon lighting—LED Silicon Neon Flexible strips. Unlike traditional glass tube neon lights, these neon flex lights are shatterproof and can be bent into any shape. They’re also designed to last longer and consume significantly less energy than standard neon tube lights. Thanks to the silicon coating tech, These led neon Flexible strips are IP68, can be used both indoors and outdoors for decorative gas station lighting, movie theater lighting, landscape lighting, cove lighting, swimming pools, retail store lighting, bar/club lighting, architectural border lighting, signs, roof edging, doors, storefronts, window trim, counters, and more!Silicone LED Neon

The LED silicon Flexible strip lights emit 450 lumens per meter, White, Warm white, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange color available. They are waterproof, can be cut every 5cm, and are easy to connect and mount in a variety of ways with compatible accessories.

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