Keeping It Honest: Improving Cloud Storage Security

If there was one truth that advocates of modern technology hate to admit, it is the fact that the latest in electronics can be flawed, and its biggest flaw is the way its security system seems to keep on failing. Yes, technology tries to compensate by providing software that improves the security of the overall system, but the question is, is that ever enough?
To be honest, it is not, and the constant upgrades in the commercialized software can be put across the table as evidence. However, advocates will continue to deny and prove to the public that the continuous influx of updates to security systems installed in electronics is just another proof that technology keeps on improving and these are just updates to ensure future protection.
Experts in cloud storage however have been honest with regards to security issues that can come up with the system’s recent rise in popularity.
According to reports, and some projections, almost 50 percent of the organizations are already running under the cloud storage system while a lot more are planning to inject it to their current system in the near future. That is a huge spike when compared to how the system all began. However, the increase in the demand for the system also leads to a lot of risks because more and more people are starting to learn how the system works, and out of the few, delves deeper into it; learning the system in-depth.
This is a fact that almost anyone in the industry denies. Luckily, there are those which are concerned. Why they would rat out glitches in the system is beyond the public. It could be personal or just a genuine concern for the system in general and the public that placed their trust in it.
One way in order to boost your server’s protection is to make sure that you have a physical server within the boundaries of your base of operations, or wherever you have one. Virtual servers are good at some point, but it does not provide you the best security especially with the government having connections almost everywhere. That is why the more localized your server is, the better your security will be.
Another step towards improving your server’s security is to always have the people you are working with such as the server vendor work as close to you as they can. After the work is done, always remember to get the keys to the system and have your company’s IT department handle the rest. However, in the off chance that your vendor may rat out unsupervised data that goes through their system, then you should know the credibility of your vendor as well. Their services do not end by the time they hand you over the keys. It extends beyond to the duration of which you use their servers.
This is a common practice in the business industry, so, that last part may just be a reminder.
It is good to learn that no matter how modern the tools may become, they will always pose security threats. At least, there are some who are gutful enough to tell the truth.   
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