Johnson who is London Mayor held a meeting with the officials of NLF from America

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October 17, 2013-London-According to the news from website , which is the best online seller for all kinds of, the Mayor of London City whose name is Boris Johnson has held a meeting with the officials of the United States Football League. In this meeting, the mayor of London and the NFL officials have discussed the possibility of the future NFL match in the Olympic Stadium of London which has also been called the ¡°London Bowl¡±.

With the high speed development of America soccer, this exciting sport has become more and more popular around the world. In addition to United States, many other countries such as China and British have also introduced this popular sport event. On the other hand, the blooming of this sport has also stimulated the increase of subsidiary industry such as Wholesale cheap Jerseys. Nowadays, there are many commercial organizations for the business of cheap Nike NFL jerseys such as website .

The London Mayor Johnson is also the chairman of the London estate development company. Mayor Johnson has been in charge of the utilizing of Olympic venues after the Games. Nowadays, there are now four clubs which want to hire "London Bowl". The West Ham Premier League team which is among these four teams would be most likely to get 99-year¡¯s lease. However, according to previous agreement, no matter which club would become the new club of "London Bowl ", the stadium will remain its versatility which is men that it is impossible to become a pure football stadium. In that case, this ground would also have large possibility to hold the NFL games.

After this negotiation, one of Johnson¡¯s spokesmen has said that this negotiation with the official of NFL was very hopefully. This should be the good news for all of America Soccer fans in British. Although the prospect of this meeting is very encouraging, everything is in its infancy and no one has the ability to predict the result in the near future.

Someone from has predicted that the earliest America Football match would be held in 2017 even if the negotiation is successful, from cheap nike NFL jerseys. The reason for this kind of situation is that the big NFL leagues have just signed a five-year contract with Wembley Stadium. In the next five years, this stadium would be held Major League regular season games per year. However, this meeting has also given all of America Football fans good news which is related to that the America Football would cover every people¡¯s home around the world. This sport should have a bright future.


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