More demands are put on us with seemingly fewer resources available to meet those demands. We are all increasingly subjected to more and more stress in our daily lives. Stress management has become a viable cottage industry. However, stress in the right place and time can be a good thing. Super Stress and Super Muscle Growth Take bodybuilding, for instance. It is well known that if you want to make your muscles grow you need to stress them. Brick Muscle But, it is often not clear how much stress we should subject our bodies to and how often? Here we will outline is the best way to manage stress if you want to build muscles as efficiently as possible. Rule Number One: Focus Your Stress Brick Muscle Review Muscles left to their own devises are happy to abide. They have no inclination to grow or become stronger. For muscle growth you have to apply stress. The actual growth occurs during the resting periods. But without tension, strain, or trauma there will be no spark to light the growth fuse. Rule Number Two: Make Your Stress Intense Here is the trick. Make your workouts intense in terms of both time and resistance. That is, start timing your workouts. 

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