How to Take Care of Your Wood Flooring

One of the very first things that your visitors would notice, every time they enter you home, would definitely be the look of your floors. This is especially true if you have wood flooring installations exposed for them to immediately see. And aside from making a very good first impression, you also need to take great care of your floors to ensure that your investment will last longer. While spills, dirt, dust and foot prints are technically unavoidable, especially if you have kids or you have a really active household, there are still ways to ensure that your hard wood flooring will stay pristine and shiny at all times.

Top 6 Ways to Care for Your Wood Flooring Installation

1.    Use the right type of vacuum and vacuum attachment to clean your floors – some cleaners have hard wheels that could scratch or damage the surface of hardwood floors. To do this, choose a machine that has hardwood cleaning features, as well as soft bristled attachments.

2.    Stay away from using too much liquid cleaning solutions – remember that large amounts of chemically laced cleansers can damage your hardwood floors easily. The chemicals or compounds can breakdown or destroy the finish and can seep through the slats, damaging the inner layers of your floors.

3.    Always dry mop – water can also be damaging to your floors, so best stay on the safe side and use a completely dry and clean mop to absorb spills and to polish your wood flooring. You may use a slightly damp cloth for hard to remove stains but never ever use those that are soaking wet.

4.    Never drag your furniture – a huge percentage of damages on hardwood flooring is caused by constant dragging and scratching on the floor’s surface. So the next time that you decide to redecorate and rearrange large and heavy pieces of furniture, it would be best for you to lift them up and place a smooth cloth underneath each leg to avoid scratching and scraping the floor boards. You can also use furniture foot pads to avoid any sort of damage.

5.    Use Rugs – the use of rugs and soft mats is recommended to keep the floors in their shiny and scratch free state. Place cotton-made rugs on areas that people in your house frequent.

6.    Remove heeled and steel plated shoes before entering the house – this will ensure that you will not scrape off the hardwood flooring finish.

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