How to better maintain and protect the mechanical and magnetic surface tension devices?

January 27, 2014 ¨CUSA-Today, the engineer from USA KINO ( ) which is the best manufacturer and supplier for surface tension measurement instrument will explain with people how to better maintain the Mechanical surface tension device and magnetic surface tension device which are two sorts of most widely used surface tension device.

Mechanical surface tension device

How to better maintain the mechanical contact angle meter device? The engineer from has already give people the fully explaining. First, the installation of the mechanical tension device should not be under the large force. Otherwise, it could largely affect the firmness of the insert components. Second, people need to pay more attention to prevent falling of the device because it will damage the ceramic pieces of this device. Thirdly, in the installation process of the post, the tension rod needs to align the axis of the device. On the other hand, the damping wheel should prohibit to be added any grease. Do not do any self-regulation.

If the rotation damping wheel occurs the phenomenon of slippage, people need to use cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe out the O-ring inside the damping wheel so that people can remove the wax dirty inside the ring. At last, people should maintain the cleaning condition of the production site because the long term dust accumulation will lead to wear and tear of the components of the surface tension device.¡¡¡¡

Magnetic surface tension device

For the magnetic measure surface tension device, people should take fully note to below factors. First, the tension rod shall not exceed the red line position when it is in the working condition. Second, in the course of the working condition of the magnetic surface tension instrument, it is only allowed to be adjusted from small to big and the adjustment from big to small should be not allowed. Thirdly, where there is tension pulsation in the adjustment process, people should first turn the screw plate right at the maximum tension values and then slowly return back to the desired tension values.

In the process of installation, the operator should not use the large force which will greatly influence the firmness of the fixed components. On the other hand, the falling and other large force hitting should be totally avoided by people because it will damage the ceramic pieces and housing of this magnetic surface tension device. The adding for the lubricated grease and oil should be avoided for the damping wheel of this device.

If there is some abnormal sound of the line wheel, it could clearly show that the bearing of this device is worn. If the rotation damping wheel has the appearance of slippage, people need to carefully clean the dirty into the damping wheel.

After here, people should have fully knowing about how to better maintain and protect their mechanical surface tension meter and the magnetic surface tension meter. If there are any other problems, please visit website


USA KINO is the supplier of surface tension meter, interfacial tensiometry, contact angle goniometer and contact angle measurement instrument, contact angle meter, drop shape analysis system. They can be used for measurement of surface tension and contact angle.

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