hang Hong said. Surgery is the only effective treatment For cataract,

Prevention of cataracts, sunglasses are not so big
Recently, wearing sunglasses Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses
can prevent cataracts, saying in the network and WeChat circle of friends widely spread. But is it really the case? On this matter, the reporter interviewed the second people's Hospital of Yunnan Province, chief physician, deputy director of Ophthalmology Zhang Hong, she believes that this statement is not accurate.
UV is just one of the causes of the disease
Cataract is a kind of eye disease that Cheap Ray Bans UK
causes the eye lens opacity. Recently, the network and WeChat circle of friends are passing: strong sunlight is one of the main reasons for people suffering from cataract. Therefore , in the strong sunshine season, wearing sunglasses with radiation protection function, can prevent cataract.
In this regard, Zhang Hong has a different view, Cheap Ray Ban Glasses
she believes that the etiology of cataract caused by many, such as long-term exposure in the plateau region of strong ultraviolet rays; the eye has eye, glaucoma, retinal detachment, intraocular tumors and high myopic eyes; trauma, malnutrition, long-term smoking, will lead to suffering from cataract. In addition , genetic, diabetes, high blood pressure, physical diseases caused by complications are also important factors leading to cataract. UV is just one of them. Science wearing regular sunglasses, can Cheap Ray Bans China
only reduce the damage to the eye of ultraviolet rays, to prevent cataract has a certain role, but can not completely prevent the occurrence of cataract.
"A healthy lifestyle, reduce smoking, to avoid eye injury, with eye disease as soon as possible, in order to minimize the incidence of white hair barrier. " Zhang Hong said.
Surgery is the only effective treatment
For cataract, the public has Ray Bans UK
been circulating a saying: cataract to be cooked in order to operate, so that the effect of surgery is good. In fact , this is a misunderstanding, Zhang Hong said: 'wait' cooked 'to do surgery, will increase the risk of surgery. "
Zhang Hong suggested that if suffering from Ray Ban South Africa
cataracts, the patient can not do surgery in the early, if you have caused visual dysfunction, you can take into account the regular hospital inspection, to see if the operation conditions. Early or late surgery, will increase the risk of surgery. The early operation is not up to the treatment effect; late surgery, eye edema rate will be very high, leading to postoperative recovery is slow, and may cause a series of complications.
"Some advertising is not to say that can be treated by eye drops, etc .? " Cataract surgery, many patients will have such a question. In this regard, Zhang Hong said: the current surgery is the only effective means of treatment of cataract. Like some of the current market treatment eye Replica Ray Bans
drops, can only slow down the onset of cataract, and can not cure cataracts. "

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