Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

MAPP®, which stands for Merino Advanced Performance Program, is a fabric produced using exclusive Merino fibers sourced from only the cleanest and purest New Zealand alpine environments. MAPP® incorporates these "Natural Performance" fibers into fabrics specifically designed to work in activity apparel. MAPP® is the "Guarantee of source, process, and functionality."hollow core Yarn
Merino State is the ultimate blend of nature and technology, a range of fine premium and functional fabrics for the global apparel industry.
Meryl is Nylstar's registered trademark for its nylon/polyamide microfiber, which allows the softness of microfiber to be combined with excellent absorption capacity in order to maintain a balanced comfort level during athletic activities. Because Meryl is a microfiber, it is extremely lightweight. It also is machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton, and reuqires little or no ironing.
The Meryl® Actisystem is an innovation in textile fibers, designed to meet the demands of both athletic and leisure activities. Developed by Nylstar, These fibers have been created with cutting-edge technology, and are the result of continual research into the leading solutions that fully satisfy a wide variety of performance requirements. Therefore, the Meryl Actisystem is designed to revolutionize technical apparel for sports enthusiasts.
Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, is a yarn produced by two-component spinning of polyester and nylon. This technology achieves a fineness greater than that of microfiber. Micralon's characteristics make it suitable for universal application without any special technology. The fineness of the yarn can create fabrics for the apparel and furnishings markets that are very soft to the touch. End-use applications include: sportswear, household linens and threads, chenille, linings, padding, and ribbon.

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