Solar Power: Collects energy through a mini solar panel on the main body, exposing micro solar power while massaging. Promote the smooth and healthy skin of the face and body. The massage beads rotate 360 ​​degrees and can be easily body Slimming Massager
lectrostimulation: Microcurrent causes electrical stimulation in subcutaneous tissue to penetrate the muscles, increasing cell activity, promoting muscle movement, and restoring skin elasticity. This weakens wrinkles.
Face Roller Massager: applicable to your whole body. It is a massager for face, arms, legs, chest, buttocks and back or other parts. A better massage effect is achieved in combination with essential oils or other skin care products. In addition, a small acupuncture point at the end of the grip can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points to relax.
Tighter skin easy: 3D waterproof wheels with 360 degree rotation design for the entire body skin. With the new kneading technology you relieve the skin, promote the firming of the facial skin, body contouring and improve blood circulation, relieve tension, reduce wrinkles and fade stretch marks!
Waterproof: The ergonomic handle adapts perfectly to your palm. Waterproof design is safer while showering. Y-shaped roller feels good and is easy to hold. Accelerate the blood circulation of the microvascular system through our Face Slimming Roller, improve cell permeability so that nutrients effectively supply muscle tissue and skin.

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