elegant yet beautiful, Regal show.

Since twenty-first Century, with the popularity of electronic products of modern society, people enjoy convenient information in the mobile Internet at the same time, their eyesight value also suffered great challenges, inside "myopia and hyperopia headlong disaster" reality, a fashion style and both high-end level of quality glasses is undoubtedly essential creature of modern people highlight rank and improve temperament.
In recent times, with the increasing demands for the "glasses", a number of design, content and aesthetic strength of the trademark continued to emerge. And has now always been a "new kind of modernism" in the name with the rowa Renault brand cups, high-end glasses designed by the earth famous "Fukui glasses, micron has been Fake Ray Bans
used to create, designer hand design concept, using the principle of aesthetics, the spectacle frame and a individuals face - a perfect suit, making even more hone. Due to its unique product design, exceptional material and top systems, has become the contemporary elegant, hi and, luxury and elegant symbol.
Japan's top brands to create stylish and chic high-end taste rowa Reynolds
Luova Reno as one of the justly famed brand glasses glasses, sunglasses frame made of 18 karat gold as material, thru multi-channel exquisite technology plus advanced technology by clinching, polishing, the appearance of very glowing color, give a person a variety of noble and elegant temperament. Luova Reno glasses on excellent at the same time, into the fashion feature, showing exquisite texture, design personality, unique taste and also have a unique style style, bring the wearer is elegant and gorgeous feeling.
Luova Reno glasses of each product are beautiful workmanship, and will be simple, customized, gorgeous, sensitive and many other components into the glasses frame, loved by consumers. The Luova Reno 18 carat gold eyeglasses material by Japanese Fukui glasses Co. Ltd. as well as China future (perfect) luxurious optical glasses company to create the framework of see, human engineering characteristics the best choice for Asians face, significantly admired, since the launch associated with praise is not broken.
Japan's top brands to create stylish and elegant high-end taste rowa Reynolds
Luova Reno K collection
Luova Reno gold string is designed for successful people focused on the wearer not only embodies the exact distinguished, is also a kind of liberties and status symbol, as well as use of high-grade gold product, exquisite craft, as well as towards details of each carefully application, most incisive reflects Luova Reno glasses spirit: "noble, exquisite" will be from the suprême family and the society. Appreciate and pursuit.
Luova Reno slim series
The new Luova Reno "slim" series, the exact luxurious gold material echoes the noble, Luova Reno 18K gold frame, figure with the 18 carat your old watches material hand crafted, exquisite and ideal technology in the shaping, just about every delicate, create colorful plus restrained styling for the individual wearing, collocation Luova Reno sunglasses, as if bathed in a silver light, elegant yet beautiful, Regal show.
Luova Reno pure titanium series
Luova Reno pure titanium collection uses the latest research as well as development for human comfort and ease of titanium metal organic material, humanized design, in order to enable the wearer to enjoy an incredibly comfortable, surface treatment through IP plating, make structures with strong corrosion opposition and wear resistance, your skin of the wearer will not have allergic reactions, exquisite designer design, provide you with the general trend, elegant character experience.
Japan's top brands to produce stylish and elegant high-end flavor rowa Reynolds
Since the launching of the brand, Luova Reno is by far the world's most discerning as well as women's heart department. Beautiful temperament, high-end taste, divine craft and fashion beauty, which allow Luova Reno to become the pursuit of splendor, high-end, luxury and elegant significance of the consumer favorite makes. But the future (perfect) eyesight glasses company understands China's market demand, Japan's "Fukui glasses Corporation" is dedicated to research and to attain the particular delicate process, the future of the 2 sides will work more strongly to Luova Reno spectacles up to a higher level, leading the trend, to build the tour's top fashion glasses, sophisticated, high-end taste!

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