Elastic webbing belts can be seen everywhere in daily life, especially in clothing, shoes and other applications. Nowadays, many people who love beauty like to wear casual clothes. The elastic band plays a very important role on it. Of course, if the elastic band is used for a long time, it will appear loose or it will be too tight when it starts to be used. How can these situations be avoided?polyester Elastic Webbing
If it is too tight elastic pants, you can put a small piece of wooden stick to tie the pants, then iron it with a few irons, you can operate according to the length of comfort you want, then blow it with a hair dryer for one minute. . If the elastic band is too loose, you can sew the trousers, do not sew the waistband, put the front side of the trousers, and then suspend the elastic bands at both ends. Under normal circumstances, the length of the elastic band is 10% of the waist circumference, and the elastic band can be divided. For the four equal parts, then do the same on the waistband, put the elastic band on the waistband, fix the elastic band and the positioning point on the waistband with a long needle, then use the large Z-shaped needle to sew, then the elastic band turns inward Once you have an injection, you can do it.

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