DC Charter Bus – Celebrating Your Birthday with Friends in DC

A few months before your birthday, you may be in a hurry and completely stressed out trying to find the best place to celebrate your very special day with your closest friends. And even if you do not have a lot of budget to spend, this is not enough reason to miss exploring the tourist destinations and the exciting and fun nightlife that the city of Washington DC can offer you and your friends. Now, to ensure that you will all have the grandest road trip ever, it is important that you hire the best and the most reliable DC charter bus company. Chartering a bus to DC, in fact, is considered the best and the safest way to travel across the country.

How Safe is Your DC Charter Bus?

It has been determined that traveling by bus is considered to be the safest and the most secure way to travel from one city to another. But just how safe is chartering a bus? Here are the ways that your DC charter bus can keep you safe:

•    The buses are all new and well maintained. A lot of people think that renting a bus at a very affordable price would mean that they have to settle with riding on an old and beat up bus; but if you have chosen the right DC charter bus company, you can be sure that you will be using a new and really modern bus. Aside from that, the vehicles are all well maintained and in excellent working condition – this will make you feel at ease knowing that you will be able to avoid any accidents and breakdowns while you are on the road bound for DC.
•    The drivers are certified. For your trip, the company will assign an expert and highly trained driver, thus increasing your safety. The driver is experienced when it comes to driving cross country, skilled in conducting repairs and of course keeping his passengers safe.
•    Tour guides are also provided to passengers to add security and organization. The company provided tour guide will keep your group organized at all times. You can also rely on your guide to tell you where you should go, take you around the city and help you enjoy your stay here. Your guide and driver will not only keep your entire group comfortable, relaxed and safe; they will also take great care of your belongings on the bus.

Enjoying DC’s Awesome Nightlife

1.    Blues Alley
2.    The 930 Club
3.    Pi Pizzeria and Bottoms Up Bar
4.    Quill at the Jefferson
5.    Eighteenth Street Lounge
6.    Fado Irish Pub
7.    POV Roof Terrace
8.    Café Dupont
9.    The Pug
10.    The Tombs

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