DC Bus Charter – Top Free and Almost Free Things to Do in DC

There are so many things that you could do with the kids on a budget; one of which is to tour the nation’s capital to celebrate the cool, winter season and of course the Holidays. Of course, a lot of people might raise their eyebrows and say that there is nothing inexpensive about going on a weeklong road trip with the family. Now, with this in mind, it is definitely time to set a good example to others and to prove your critiques wrong. To ensure that you will not go over budget, check out the services of the best DC bus charter company and find out how they can help you plan your vacation to Washington, DC.

Save Money-Charter A Bus

For those who are into traveling on a budget, chartering a bus is surely the best and the most ideal way to get around the country. Here are the benefits that you and your family will surely enjoy:

•    The company will help you come up with the best and the most pocket friendly itinerary for your DC trip. You can consult with their expert travel guides to design your trips and tours to make sure that you stick within your target budget.
•    The company will allow you to make changes to your schedules in cases of harsh weather conditions, unsafe travel situations, health problems and other sorts of valid emergencies.
•    The company’s buses and of course their amenities are all top of the line. You can forget about taking a 10 hour ride on board an old, rickety bus. Instead, you will experience being treated like real celebrities with their state of the art equipment.
•    The company only hires experienced, skilled and certified bus drivers and tour guides. You can rely on their expertise when it comes to keeping everyone safe and organized on the road and during tours. You can also forget about trying to decipher or read maps (especially if you are not that good at it), your guide as well as your driver will take you anywhere you would like to explore, eat, shop and have fun – around the DC area.
•    The company will also allow you to make special requests, specify your pick up and drop off locations, as well as your travel dates and times – with zero or minimal charges!

6 Best Things to Do in DC for Cheap

Your trip to DC will never be complete without being able to do the following activities:

1.    Witness how the Supreme Court arrives at a ruling or decision.
2.    Hike and enjoy the outdoors at the famous Rock Creek Park.
3.    Appreciate the beauty of genuine artistry at the National Gallery of Art.
4.    Watch amazing musical performances at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.
5.    Check out the animals at the National Zoo.
6.    Visit the Smithsonian Institute and the famous National Monuments.

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