Crusher Machine For Recycling of Stainlesss steel Slag

Steel slag mainly comes in the oxidation of components contained within the molten iron and scrap; metal impurities; the slag agent such as limestone, fluorite, silica, as well as oxidants, desulfurization merchandise as well as the erosion of lining components.

The principle elements of steel slag are calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, manganese and phosphorus oxides. The main use of the slag are as stick to. First, it may be in place of lime as a solvent to return the blast furnace or sintering furnace inside the company itself. It can also be applied for roadbed, railway embankment, and as cement raw material, soil, and so on.

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The processing technology of steel slag are cold abandoned law, hot pour method, splashing cold plate method and slag water quenching process. Typically a closed loop production procedure are going to be employed. And we can receive about 4 high-quality and higher value-added goods by the procedure of crushing and screening, vacuum ball milling, dry magnetic separation and classification processes of wind. The 4 items are respectively high-quality steel scrap, high-grade iron powder, steel slag powder used as cement, the steel slag aggregate utilised as asphalt concrete surface layer in the road. Just after completion in the entire production process, slag can be achieved zero emissions, plus the environment pollution on the slag is fully solved.

Lots of engineering machinery organizations specialize in producing ultra-fine grinding and screening equipment for steel slag processing. As an illustration, the European version jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, Symons cone crusher, impact crusher, LM vertical milling machines as well as other equipments. In China, a single enterprise has established a effective steel slag crushing magnetic line which can manage 1 million tons of slag. To have the targets of getting each of the slag processed, recycling, circular economy, emissions-reduction, yet another company invested about eight million yuan (about $123,0000) on a steel slag crushing magnetic line. And they bought jaw crusher, cone crusher and Symons cone crusher from engineering machinery enterprise. New production line was designed and installed by them.

The magnetic line is usually a completely automated production, extra scientific and rational, simpler to use, considerably improving the productivity of labor. Production line and delivery system installs the dust removal device, effectively minimizing the dust emissions. The whole production approach is formed by two jaw crusher, a fine break CS Symons cone crusher, five iron, 5 screening as well as other elements. Mainly because the line has very good capability of magnetic separation and recovery of ferrite, the steel production greatly is improved.

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