Columbia Charter Bus Company – Best Places to See in Columbia, South Carolina

If you are searching for the best place to bond with your friends and family, then the rich heritage of Columbia in the state of South Carolina is definitely among the top choices. Now, if this would be the first time that you will be visiting the city, traveling via a charter bus from a reliable Columbia Charter Bus Company, is the most ideal way to enjoy and get to know the city. There are so many benefits or advantages that you can actually get out of chartering or renting a motor coach.

Key Benefits of Choosing to Travel via a Columbia Charter Bus Company

Read on and find out what you can get out of chartering a bus to Columbia:

1. More opportunities to bond with the family. Your vacation should be about catching up and becoming closer with your loved ones. So chartering a bus will allow you more time to spend with them. You can stop for more photo opportunities, sing along, watch movies or play games while on the road.
2. Money is never an issue. The rates are literally more affordable than by renting cars or SUVs to Columbia from your home state or city.
3. Drivers and guides are not just efficient and reliable; they are also highly trained and certified to handle the task of taking you to your destination safely and comfortably.
4. The bus is big enough for huge groups, so you can stop thinking about making everyone fit a single vehicle.
5. The company will also help you come up with a plausible itinerary. They will also make sure that the list of places meet your budget, standards and expectations.

Top Places to Visit in Columbia

Museums and Cultural Destinations

• University of South Carolina
• State Capitol
• Hampton – Preston Mansion and Gardens
• Congaree Vista
• Robert Mills Historic House and Park
• Five Points
• South Carolina State Museum
• EdVenture
• Columbia Museum of Art
• McKissick Museum

Best Restaurants in Columbia

• Garibaldi’s of Columbia
• Terra
• Dianne’s on Devine
• Gervais and Vine
• Motor Supply Company Bistro
• Saluda’s

Shop in Columbia

• One Eared Cow Glass
• Kicks Exceptional Shoes
• Columbiana Centre
• The Vista
• Devine Street
• Happy Bookseller
• The Gourmet Shop

Sports and Outdoor Destinations

• Saluda Shoals Park
• Harbison State Forest
• Finley Park
• Southeast Park
• Earlewood Park
• Williams-Brice Stadium
• Colonial Life Arena
• Carolina Stadium

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