CMD has developed a new bag machine and winding system that offers converters the advantages of continuous-motion sealing at an economical price. The CMD 864 Global Bag Machine and Winder provides converters with proven-robust technology that is simple to operate, has low maintenance requirements, quick changeover and exceptional throughput.liquid vacuum packing machine

Because it utilizes proven, CMD continuous-motion technology, The CMD 864 provides a wider processing window than traditional, intermittent-motion or shuttle-style bag machines. This means it seals a very wide variety of film structures and gauges. CMD rotary sealing allows for converters to adjust the dwell, or amount of time the heated seal bar is in contact with the film. This technology takes on the toughest sealing challenges, easily converting, at up to 450 fpm (138 mpm) quality bags made from bio-resins, post-consumer recycled content, or down-gauged films.

At the heart of the economical Global Bag Machine and Winder is a unique seal-drum design that allows for fast, simple changeover from job to job. The infinitely adjustable seal drum gives converters the flexibility they need to run a variety of product sizes. And the new drum design makes it easier, and quicker than ever. Simple recipe storage means common jobs can be stored and retrieved with ease.

The jarring, reciprocating seal head used on intermittent-motion or shuttle-type bag machines quickly wears on components and parts, requiring frequent maintenance, downtime and a high cost of ownership. The rotary sealing drum on the CMD Global Bag Machine and Winder uses fluid continuous-motion for longer lasting parts, less stress on the system and less maintenance downtime.

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