Classification of China Cable Tie by Materials

Classification of China Cable Tie by Materials

How much knowledge do you know about China Strain Relief Cable Gland? It is very important for us to have some idea of the classifications of nylon cable ties in the materials.
1. PP Made Cable Tie:

PP made China cable tie is cheapest strapping material. It is generally used for bundling. We are sealing light goods with this tie. PP made China cable tie has high elongation and recovery rate. But its continuous tension is not as good as other plastic made cable ties.
2. Steel Made Cable Tie:

Stainless steel cable tie is generally used to bundle heavy duty things. It is used in whole transport or to fix loads in train carriages. Some trailers or ocean-going freighters will also use them.

China cable tie is seldom used for retractable goods. These goods will be subside or displace after bundling. But steel made China cable tie can firmly bind compressed things. And is often used for binding hard things.
3. Polyester Made Cable Tie:

This kind of China cable tie has high strength. And it also owns high tensile tension. Polyester cable tie is an excellent binding material. It is for hard goods.

Usually these goods need constant binding tension. And Polyester China cable tie is used during loading, unloading, transportation and storage.

Usually it is used in situations requiring high tensile strength. And high sustained tension and elongation situations also need it. In many cases, its performance is similar to steel made China cable ties.

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