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The Dangers of Buying Drugs. No matter what method you use for buying drugs, you put yourself at risk with every single purchase. (Evlakhov Valeriy/Shutterstock)
Drug dealers run a dangerous business.Dealers put themselves in the crosshairs of those who would commit acts of theft and violence. On top of that, many encounter legal issues that can tarnish their records, jeopardizing their chances at a decent future. There might easily be more risks associated with selling or buying drugs, but these three alone should be enough to dissuade any sensible person from engaging in such an enterprise. It is therefore worth noting that these same risks await addicts when buying drugs as well.
Buying drugs is a strange experience in that the buyer’s reaction may change over time. If you buy drugs frequently, you should try to think back to your first time. Were you nervous? Did you fear getting caught? Was there a small part of you that felt you were doing something morally wrong? Over time, these fears begin to vanish. Perhaps some users will feel a bit of anxiety when approaching new dealers, but this too begins to dissipate rather quickly. As soon as we begin using the drugs they sell us, we forget about our initial concerns. This seems good at the time, as it allows us to acquire our drug of choice without undergoing as much stress. Unfortunately, our newfound relaxation blinds us to the fact that our original fears were actually quite warranted.
Today, drug users find themselves with multiple outlets for acquiring illicit substances. Buying drugs on the street is still one option. In the case of addictive medications, we can shop around for multiple prescriptions from different doctors. And, unique to our generation, we can purchase drugs online. Each of these scenarios presents us with a number of potential dangers. We will examine each of these dangers below. By the end of our discussion, you should see that there simply is no perfectly safe method of buying drugs in today’s world. The best policy is to avoid the whole mess.

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