Charter Bus Rental New York – Rides for Quirky Group Shoppers

New York is where you can be anyone you want to be. Thus, it is the perfect venue for quirky group shoppers and tourists. Make sure you go for a charter bus rental New York for your next shopping rendezvous. There are numerous places to shop with the most eclectic themes in fashion. Shop for unique clothing pieces, accessories and ornaments, and even for the most colorful buttons and zippers. New York is definitely a haven for shopping junkies with a quirky palate.

Facts about Charter Bus Rental New York

Why are people making a switch to charter buses than the usual modes of transportation? In previous years, it is quite challenging to have group tours especially in NYC. New York streets are busy and always on the go. You can easily get lost or separated from the group without the right transport service. Here are some reasons why charter bus rental is the new group tour service trend:

• Charter buses are huge and convenient rides. Charter buses vary in size and passenger capacity. You can choose a small minibus for a smaller circle of shopping pals. There are also really huge coach buses that can accommodate up to 60 passengers or even more. The choice is yours. Plus, these fleets have on board restrooms, huge reclining seats, and spacious interiors for added comfort.
• Charter buses are safer. Passengers on board a charter bus enjoy a secure and fun ride. Bus fleets undergo regular maintenance and checkup to avoid accidents and roadside troubles. Charter buses also have insurance coverage and designated drivers with CDL license.
• Charter buses are economical. Unlike carpooling, you don’t need to worry about fuel expenses. You also need not waste your time looking for a parking spot or paying the toll fees. All these expenses are mostly inclusive in several bus packages. All you have to do is discuss your budget preference to the bus operator. They will find the perfect tour package that will suit your available budget.

Weirdest NYC Shops for Group Shopping

New York is your top choice if you are into the most eclectic and straight-forward fashion trends. Enjoy group retail therapy on board the best charter bus service today and check out these shops:

• Babeland
• Concrete + Water
• Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company
• Evolution
• Objectify 139
• Enchantments
• Tender Buttons
• Story

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