Charleston Charter Bus – Unique Adventures for Tourists

Visiting Charleston is a great way to spend your vacation. If you want something refreshing and unique, there are just so many remarkable activities to do and places to see in this stunning city. From the world-class infrastructures to the beautiful nature-bestowed gifts, you have limitless choices when you come and visit Charleston especially with your family and friends.

Unassuming Places, Grand Sights to See

You may think you have seen these places someplace else before but if you are in Charleston, each and every venue has their unique features, personality and rich heritage and past. Here are some of the beautiful and top rated places to visit in Charleston:

• White Point & Battery Gardens – Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating respite in this beautiful and captivating garden and Battery Park. Most of the tourists who went here would commend the remarkably designed pathways and the panoramic landscapes.
• Charleston Water Taxi – This is one of the most enjoyable and great modes of transportation in the metro. See Charleston harbour without the usual fuss and discomforts when travelling. The operable water taxi runs every hour for easy access and convenience.
• Middleton Place – This 18th century rice plantation has become the National Historic Landmark of Charleston. It is a 65-acre landscaped garden showcasing some of the best places to explore in the metro including the Plantation Stableyards and the Middleton Place House Museum.

Best Transport Service for Sightseeing

There are just so many breathtaking places to discover and enjoy in Charleston but if you are travelling with a large party, you may think otherwise in taking a tour. Think again! Now you can tour in and around the stunning metro without hassle and expensive fees. All you have to do is book a Charleston charter bus to accommodate everyone onboard. Charter buses and motor coaches are highly recommended because of the following features:

• Spacious, huge, and convenient interiors and seats • Modern and innovative exteriors
• Complete line of amenities from entertainment systems to built-in vending machines and refrigerators
• Comfort all the time with built-in comfort rooms
• Safety and security on board the insured fleets with designated licensed and well trained drivers

It is high time to have the grandest vacation in Charleston today. Book a Charleston charter bus for your family and friends and hop on to take a remarkable and enjoyable tour to the world class and renowned landmarks in the metro.

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