Weight loss cycles are experienced by those The Big Diet Lie that go on diets. They will tend to lose a lot of weight because of a diet, but end up falling for temptation and put all the weight back on again and surpass their previous fat weight.In conclusion, the kind of diets which aren't healthy are typically known as fad diets. The real key to successful weight loss is to eat healthy and a balanced diet. Do plenty of exercise and stay active. The task sounds simple enough, but many people just over eat and do nothing all day.

Over half of U.K women diet down before the eventful Christmas party, only to put the weight lost back on after the Christmas party. According to research found by the website My Celebrity Fashion, pre-party dieting has become the new period of dieting, replacing the after Christmas dieting that use to be so popular.Years ago, us women use to indulge throughout the Christmas period. After a few good old mince pies, we looked down at the behemoth of a bulge which was once known as our stomach and realized it was time to do something about it. Throughout January and February, we dieted, ran and spent as much time as possible in the gym. Now, it is found, after a study from My Celebrity Fashion, that you are more likely to find us ladies heading to the gym and dieting from September onwards, in order to fit into that dress for the Christmas period.


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