Car Insurance Dubai and Their Mainstay Policies

Insurance companies have riddled almost every country due to how the number of cars and car owners has inflated over the years. In relation with the increase of this number also comes with an increase in the number of accidents that happen from one place to the next. That is why the establishment of car insurance companies is reasonable.

In order to differentiate themselves from other companies however, there are those who offer unique policies to their clients. On the other hand, what actually draw clients to the company’s fold are their reputation and the mainstays of the Car Insurance Dubai industry.

One of these mainstays in the Car Insurance Dubai industry is the Third Party Only policy. As its name suggests, this policy only allows claims when in an accident where a third party is involved. This is a legal requirement and that is why almost every car insurance company offers it to their clients.

The third party only policy covers compensations regarding injuries to the people who were involved. This involves individuals all the passengers from both sides and the damage that you have caused to other people’s properties. Injuries that you have sustained due to the accident are another consideration. However, if you caused the injury yourself due to your reaction with regards to the accident, that is another issue on its own and your Third Party Only policy may not cover this kind of injury.

Another mainstay in the industry of car insurance is the Third Party and Theft policy. On normal circumstances, damage caused by theft is not included in one’s policy, especially when this is mostly an accident caused by an owner’s negligence. However, companies do acknowledge that this could also happen truly as a cause of an accident especially when the thief is overpowering.

In addition to theft, this policy also covers damages to your car caused by fire, which again, is not usually covered if you remained with the third party only policy.

There also is a car insurance policy that encompasses all these policies, and that would be the Comprehensive policy. This one in particular covers all those which were mentioned above and all other policies in existence, and maybe in some companies, they would add some of their unique proposals in it just to add spice to their company’s offerings drawing potential client’s eyes.

In addition, these inclusions to the comprehensive policy are mainstays of the Car Insurance Dubai industry as well.

For those who are curious, along with those which were already mentioned, other policies included in the comprehensive policy is fire which were accidentally ignited by the owner himself or when struck by lightning, an overturn of the vehicle due to mechanical breakdown, an act by a third party out of spite, or when accidentally hit by any kind of vehicle while on the road or in any track you are running on.

At the end of the day, when it comes to picking the best company in the Car Insurance Dubai industry is all up to the car owner. Nonetheless, knowing what are available out there is a step towards the right direction.

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