Puzzle games are usually simple, fun, and very suitable for you to entertain yourself in your free time. The article below will introduce you to the top rated games on the rankings.


Jewels Star 2



As one of the best diamond games on Google Play, with over 5 million downloads, Jewels Star 2 brings you the most beautiful sparkling diamonds of all time. At the same time, there is a pattern of embossed graphics mixed colors to create attractive effects. The task of the player is to stack 3 or 4 diamonds of the same color together to form a vertical or horizontal line, creating beautiful explosions and scoring a lot of points. Jewels Star 2 provides many beautiful wallpapers for each level, totaling over 200 levels for the player to conquer.

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Tetris is the most basic and familiar puzzle game. The pieces will fall from the top of the screen downwards. Your mission is to arrange them to fit into the blocks, without gaps. Each line that is aligned will disappear. If you leave the screen full, you will lose. It seems confusing, but when you download and play for a while you’ll get the hang of it. Tetris is quite familiar to those who have played N.E.S before.


Fat Princess: Piece of Cake

Although the content of the game is quite a bit in the fighting direction, the task of the player in the game does not need to be a military commander or take part in the battle. It's a simple puzzle game, combining squares with the same symbol. For example, a sword icon allows an attack or a cannon to inflict damage with a barrel. The game has light, cheerful graphics and warm tones, creating cute characters. Fat Princess: Piece of cake will give players a fun match-3 experience.


Big Hero 6: Bot Fight



Big Fight 6: Bot Fight features the "Match-Three" style, which is familiar in the famous Bejeweled series and many other exciting titles. Here, gamers will use judgment, calculations and the ability to quickly detect and connect the same icons as they appear on the screen. However, these icons are not only different in shape but also varied in capabilities. For example, some allow you to perform an attack on another, while others favor support, allowing the main character to heal, and gain strength or defense stats. Big Hero 6t does not have a glamorous 3D design, but it's sure to keep the fun and brightness of Disney's animation. Players will be admired as the character stepping out from the movie, bearing the vivid expressions and the contrasting color tones. All these beautiful features combine for a picture pleasant to the eyes of gamers.

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Sweet Madness

In each match of Sweet Madness, players must connect the candy of the same color together. But instead of scoring as many candies as you can to get a combo, you have to find the most extended possible candy sticks to cross the level. You will also find multi-colored candy when you combine two different colored candies to form a long chain of candy during the game. The critical point of the game is not to find out which color is the majority but to find the candy line passing through as many candy colors as possible. This is a game not as easy as you think. This is an enjoyable and colorful game, the sound system and graphics of the game are incredibly vibrant and brilliant. Everything is described and explained easily. The buttons on the screen are designed to be large enough for everyone, including those with large fingers, to easily play the game. The only inhibitory factor for the player is the appearance of the hippopotamus. However, that does not affect the process very well. The hippopotamus's expression when you go wrong is quite impressive.





1010! Android is a brick-and-mortar game that is simple but challenging. This game is considered to be an improved version of the favorite Tetris title, which has attracted millions of gamers. Your task is straightforward; it's about jumping into empty places on the grid, maybe in vertical or horizontal order to form a row filled with bricks and immediately, they will disappear from the screen. Every time any tile is removed from the grid, three new shapes will appear from the bottom or top of the screen and the player resumes the bricklaying work with the same rule.

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Darkin is an RPG puzzle game released by the publisher of The Foiled Hats in mid-May 2014 for iOS that tells the story of a war between zombies and vampires. This is a game inspired by Dungeon Rai. But you will not have to watch bloodshed or kill, but instead will be stacking blocks and combining them to create beautiful legends. In Darkin, there are a total of three tribes to choose from; each has different abilities. In this game, players can learn new skills, such as burns and freezes. After you pass the easy level, you will have to fight the "boss" with increasing difficulty. There are about 20 bosses in Darkin. Overall, Darkin is a cool and entertaining game, with horror-like graphics and sounds (like Dungeon Raid)


Spooky Pop

Spooky Pop brings gamers to a world in danger, with ghosts everywhere. Control a special hero team full of young and old characters. There are dogs that players will be able to rescue. Each character in the squad will carry a different color, allowing the player to join the corresponding colored squares to activate the attack. But do not hurry to think Spooky Pop is just a hard copy of countless mobile games released each year, because hidden deep inside, products of Supercell also owns a lot of innovation.





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