Barney & Taylor starts search to find the most iconic leather in music and art

Starting with two features on their blog, Barney & Taylor’s continuing content stream aims to crown a victor in the coming months

International: British leather brand Barney & Taylor have released the first of two features on iconic leather in a long-running and regular content stream ahead of the launch of their latest range in August 2014.

Sitting on their company blog, the first feature delves into the most iconic leather jackets in music and cinema. Discussing jackets as varied as Indiana Jones’ brown bomber jacket, to Morpheus’ mock crocodile skin trench coat – the feature comprises a who’s who of filmic fashion icons.

The second feature, due to be released later this month, selects some of the most inspirational wearers of leather from the art world and the music industry. Expect the likes of Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, Run DMC and Joan Jett to get mentions, alongside many others.

Though the features offer Barney & Taylor’s own perspective on the most iconic figures and jackets of those industries, in the months to come the brand will to launch a series of polls pitting every jacket and person mentioned against each other to determine the ultimate most iconic leather jacket and leather wearer.

The features and polls will be accessible through the brand’s website directly, or linked to across the likes of Twitter and Facebook – making sure that you can keep up with all of the exciting developments at Barney & Taylor in the weeks and months to come.

About Barney & Taylor

Barney & Taylor are a family-owned and quintessentially British leather lifestyle brand, with expertise in leather stretching back to 1911. Launching their latest range in August 2014, they are primed and ready to bring their high quality, durable and well-crafted leather to a global audience.

For more information about Barney & Taylor, please contact:

12 Stocks Street


M8 8QG


+44 (0) 8452 419 119

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