Barney & Taylor’s latest leather range set to launch in August

Manchester-based leather brand launching its full range of jackets and accessories to a global audience.

Worldwide: Established leather brand Barney & Taylor have today announced the unveiling of their latest leather range, which will be available to customers worldwide in August 2014.

The much anticipated launch has been shrouded in mystery – with only tantalising glimpses currently available on the Barney & Taylor website and social media profiles. That is all set to change this August, with the website’s shifting from portfolio to fully-fledged ecommerce platform, with all of the features and accoutrements you would expect in 2014.

Each jacket and accessory is named after a settlement in and around Barney & Taylor’s native Manchester, taking inspiration and cues from classic jackets of history, but reengineering them for the 21st century. Barney & Taylor’s jackets are the fruits of over 100 years of leather crafting expertise. They’re as durable as they are iconic, made by hand out of the finest English leather.

A jacket, belt, bag, wallet or purse from Barney & Taylor is so much more than just a leather product – they’re statements. Respecting history without being stifled by it, they’re ready to travel with you on every single step of your life’s journey.

You can hear more about Barney & Taylor’s range, as well as knowing the instant it goes live by following the brand on Twitter, liking their Facebook page, or by flipping through the rich and varied content on their blog.

About Barney & Taylor

Barney & Taylor are a Manchester-based and quintessentially British leather brand, with expertise in leather stretching back to 1911. They are one of, if not the oldest family-owned leather brands in the UK, famed for the quality, durability and provenance of their leather and leather products. Set to sell to a global audience, Barney & Taylor are undoubtedly the leather brand to watch in 2014.

For more information about Barney & Taylor, please contact:

12 Stocks Street


M8 8QG


+44 (0) 8452 419 119

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