3 Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Atlanta

Whether you are looking to fix your old roof or trying to replace it, you should know that this is a process that requires a lot of attention,
experience, and the right tools. You could feel tempted to call in your handyman to help you with the work, but for such a project you need the
services of professionals. Contact a professional roofing Atlanta contractor and let them do the work. Finding such contractor is no easy, due to
the fact that each contractor may offer different services at different prices, and some of them might turn out to be uninsured or uncertified. You
need to get the most services for a decent price. Finding that contractor requires some time on your behalf, as well as research. There are three
main things you need to look for when hiring the services of a professional roofing contractor, such as:

The contractor's reputation

Ask your neighbors, friend, or relatives about a good contractor they can recommend, visit the contractors' websites and check out their portfolio,
visit different forums to find out more about them, read reviews and honest opinions from former clients, and see if they've been in business for a
long time.

License and insurance

Ask the contractor if they are licensed. Laws require that roofing companies are licensed in the state. For each state they must have a specific ID.
So you have to do research to see if the roofing Atlanta contractors from the business you choose have an updated license.

Another thing you should pay attention to is if the company has insurance. Nowadays it is mandatory for a company to offer insurance to their
workers, but because insurance isn’t very cheap, businesses prefer not to offer it. This should concern you because if an uninsured contractor gets
injured on your property you’ll end up paying for medical bills.

You should also ask to see a general liability insurance that will cover your house. If they don’t provide you with this certificate then you mind
end up paying more than just a repair to your roof. If a worker accidentally burns your house down in the welding process and your property is not
insured then all the debt incurred by the accident will fall on you.

A contract

Make sure the contract includes everything you will be paying for, like preparation, installation, and cleanup. Don't work with contractors who
can't provide you with a contract, and never make payments in advance.

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